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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIAW #81 Pumpkin Crazy

It's October, so I'm now okay with the pumpkin craziness.

I am also finally falling in line with Jenn's Halloween themed link-up!

what I ate wednesday pumpkin

For some reason the early release of Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte was a little much...especially since we were still dealing with hot summer days up here in the twin cities. My disdain for early pumpkin everything did not, however, deter me from trying out the latte in a chilled version in September.
psl pumpkin spice latte
I know. Such a hypocrite. The funny thing is, I haven't even tried it warm yet...despite the 50 degree weather now.

I recently heard on the radio that there is no pumpkin of any sort in the PSL except for pumpkin spice...which has nothing to do with the orange gourd we carve into at Halloween time. I mean really, when you think about it...pure pumpkin isn't that great. You need to add that spice and sweetness to really make it into what we think about when we hear the word "pumpkin spice" or "pumpkin pie."

Speaking of pumpkin...I did something kind of crazy for me. First of all, I've never baked with a lot of pumpkin. I mean I only have 4 pumpkin-related recipes on the blog. That is approximately 100 times less than any other blogger who presents recipes on their blog...especially that whole "healthy living" blog category. ;)

I actually bought a pumpkin pie pumpkin. Did you know those exist?
pumpkin craziness

Monday, October 14, 2013

Rolling with the Punches

I spent a lot of time worrying and stressing this weekend even though there were many marvelous things happening.

I was somehow blinded by:
what I wanted--right then and there,
what wasn't working,
cleaning up messes,
unanticipated shenanigans late into the night when I had articles due,
a blog transfer that isn't going so smoothly...mainly due to the fact that apparently I was sent an e-mail in February of last year with information needed for the transfer that I don't even remember receiving. (< seriously??)

There is something I am definitely still working on: being flexible. I have come a long way, but there are still those times when I should be focusing on the positive instead of letting the negative cloud my mind. So if you don't mind, I am going to practice this positivity right now!

My weekend was filled with:

Great food. 

Dave decided he wanted to make steak fajitas from scratch (seriously--he even made the seasoning from scratch) and holy cow did they turn out great! It took approximately half of the game to make them and the second half to clean it all up; it was serious business.
steak on the grill

Friday, October 11, 2013


Hey friends! I just wanted to let you know that the blog is going to be undergoing some changes this weekend!

I was very inspired at the Healthy Living Summit to get serious and go self-hosted (and move to WordPress...eek!).
healthy living summit
I did not trust myself to make the switch since I am quite un-savy when it comes to html (although I have learned about many easy do-it-yourself tricks over the years), so I thought I'd leave it to a professional. After getting a crazy high quote from one company, Lee suggested I use Julie from Deluxe Designs to help with the move since she had a great experience with her over at Fit Foodie Finds.  So far she has been great to work with and even designed me a cute new header for a great price!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Girls on the Run 5K in the Twin Cities!

Full disclosure: I get to run this 5K for free in exchange for a post about the fun details.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to redeem myself. From what? Well, I signed up for a 10-mile race in support of Girls on the Run, but ended up sick and injured (and freaked out by big city crowds) on race day. I did succeed with my fundraising goals with the help of YOU lovely people, but I still feel like I let people down by not actually running the race.

Fortunately there is a Girls on the Run 5K coming up...the one that the girls race! It takes place on Saturday, November 16th at 9am in the twin cities area and I want you to join me! This is the first time that Girls on the Run is opening up the race to the community and we can be a part of it!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WIAW #80: Voodoo Tacos and Sweet Blueberry Almonds

I cut off last week's Two Weddings and a Birthday WIAW (or What I Ate Wednesday) because it was getting suuuper long, but I left out some tasty details I really wanted to share.

PS Make sure to check out Jenn's WIAW party going on right now (but after you check out this post!)!

The first fun foodie item I left out last week was my tasty encounter with Naturebox's Sweet Blueberry Almonds. This was one of the items found in our Healthy Living Summit swag bag.
naturebox sweet blueberry almonds
I decided to chop them up and put them on my morning toast. At the daddio's house a couple of weekends ago, my breakfasts consisted of toasted sandwich thins topped with Jif creamy peanut butter. And sweet blueberry almond deliciocity.
naturebox sweet blueberry almonds