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Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy Weekend and Back to Work!! :-)

Good Afternoon,

I have a tendancy to write a blog post when I should be doing homework...and if you guessed that I am procrastinating now...YOU ARE CORRECT!!

I was in my sweet friend "Shlee"'s wedding this weekend and it was so amazing!

We started Friday off with mani and pedi's and then had some delish Panera's.

CHECK THIS SITE OUT BEFORE YOU GO TO PANERA!  Unless you prefer not to know the crazy calories going into your body.

I only had half of the Sierra Turkey, but it was a good amount of calories for one meal!

Photo Credit

Guess what the calorie count was?  (Did you really take a guess?)

Whole sandwich:
Calories: 920 yowza!!
Fat: 49g
Protein: 40g
Sodium: 1900mg

Chipolte Mayo Spread: 300 calories!!  I will order this on the side for sure next time!!

Get black coffee at Panera and add your own sweetner...your bod will thank you!
I was wired on coffee from Panera so I actually got some Nutrition studying in (my book came in!!) and a load of laundry before the rehersal dinner!

I opened up to the chapter we were on this past week and got SO EXCITED because this is what I love: The BALANCE of healthy and enjoyment out of food (and life).  This particular chapter is about Lipids (fats) so much info!  Will have to share later (after I get the homework done!).

Saturday was the b-e-a-UTIFUL wedding outdoors.  You know it's a good wedding when you need tissues!  I took many pictures but since I don't generally put pics of people up...these are some I'd like to share with you all!

Cupcake dress

The groom's mom MADE all of these!

Bride and Groom

[Update: more pics with peeps!  I've gotten less paranoid about putting pics up!]

Beautiful bride and me

Chili's friends

Junior-high dancing

Lace and Nammy

Me and BF.  This was taken on his camera and when I transferred it from his usb stick it was labeled "good one."  Awww!!

Perfect wedding!!  Classy and yet casual.  Congrats John and Shlee! :-)

Time to learn about Amino Acids (protein).

What are your perfect wedding must-haves?

Have you ever learned of an outrageous caloric count for a fav food?

Let me know how you like my blog!!


  1. Some things at Panera are crazy high cal! It's nice how they have all the calorie counts on their menu now though :) also, the greek salad and Thai chicken salad are both under 400 calories (I think) and awesome!!!

  2. Ya my friend had a salad there that looked WAAY healthier...I will have to try the Thai chicken!!
    And I didn't see the calories because I was looking at a paper menu lol


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