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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{Product Review} Get Hydrated with Crystal Light

Hello everyone,

Have I told you recently how much I am enjoying blogging and being a part of a healthy living community? 

Well I'm lovin it.  {No not McDonalds...haven't eaten there in...years?} 

I love a couple of link-ups I participate in.

I love getting comments from people and finding I have new "followers" on Twitter (weird word right, "followers"? p.s. FOLLOW ME!)

A new fun thing about having a health and fitness blog is that I received my very first sample in the mail! 

And let me tell you, I am loving getting packages in the mail!  (It's like Christmas!!)

What I got:
Three flavors of Crystal Light Pure packets.  Strawberry Kiwi, Grape and Mixed Berry.

Crystal Light Pure is sweetened with sugar and stevia

I requested a little more information about stevia since I am wary of new sweeteners, and here is what I found out:
  • Truvia is the brand name for rebiana, a natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the stevia plant.
  •  The stevia plant was discovered more than 200 years ago in South America and has been used as a sweetener in various parts of the world for more than three decades.
  •  To make the sweetener, the leaves are harvested and dried, and then steeped in fresh water in a process similar to that of making tea.  This unlocks the best-tasting part of the leaf, which is then further purified so it is ready for use in foods.
(Thanks Caitlin Smith with Ketchum on behalf of Crystal Light)

Each packet is about 30 calories and the box recommends you use one packet per 16.9 oz of water (so one water bottle or a regular glass).

Two of the flavors I received, the strawberry-kiwi and the grape have electrolytes, which help to replace some of the nutrients you use when you work out.

My sister and I enjoyed taste-testing.  My favorite flavor was the grape.  Okay I liked the mixed berry a lot too.  It tastes like Kool-Aid to us.  I remember making Kool-Aid back in the day...and adding TONS AND TONS of sugar to the mix.  These guys only have 6g sugar per packet.

What I Like about the Crystal Light Pure packets:
  • Portable
  • Serving size fit a normal water bottle perfectly
  • Something flavorful to drink with my meals that wasn't carbonated
  • Perfect for pre or post-work out hydration
  • Low sugar: 6 grams per serving (compared to soda or juice ~24 grams)
  • Delicious way to hydrate
Delicious even watered down!

 What Could be Improved about the Crystal Light Pure packets:
  • No caffeine...would love this as a morning or afternoon pick-me-up
  • Sell it in my grocery store (can't find it)
Overall: Delicious and low in calories = success!

Check out the Crystal Light website for even more information: .

Have a great night everyone!
~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~

Do you get enough water each day?  

Would you consider using Crystal Light packets as a means of getting hydrated or just for a yummy drink?

Kraft Foods sent me samples of Crystal Light Pure.  These opinions are all my own, and based on my own personal experience and I was not compensated aside from the samples.

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