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Friday, November 25, 2011

Work that Turkey Off!! 3-2-1 Treadmill Routine {3 mile}

Hello friends!
Happy Day-After Thanksgiving! 

You are probably just finishing up Black Friday shopping and have been up for hours upon hours.  I hope you found some good deals!  I worked at my wings-n-beer job today so that was my excuse for not going out into the Black Friday madness.  One of my co-workers got up at 4am and found a 7-foot pre-lit tree for $50 bucks (normally $250).

There is no doubt there are good deals out there...but I've never been one for getting up crazy early and waiting in line and...getting into fist fights at Wal-Mart?  I feel so bad my sis had to work today!


I hope you all enjoyed time with family on Thanksgiving!  And time with food...but if you've over-indulged..I have a quick treadmill routine for ya!

This 3-2-1 Routine is only 33 minutes including warm-up and cool-down and you cover 3 miles!

You can change the speed but the basic idea is 3 minutes at an easy pace, 2 minutes a little quicker, and 1 minutes at a sprint.  These speeds were perfect and I was super sweaty by the end (that's a good thing folks).

I will be re-capping my Thanksgiving and sharing some lovely pics of my family...but alas the BF has my camera!

I am off to have a chicken salad and for dessert I am going to much on some delightful
Pumpkin Spiced and Sprinkled Cookies.

 Can't wait for the cookies!  They are semi-healthy with whole they are pretty! ;-)

Have an amazing weekend everyone!
~Amanda aka Semi-Heath Nut~

Are you into Black Friday?

Did you find any good deals?

What about Cyber Monday?  Any good deals online??  (I might try it this year!)

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