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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{WIAW #10} A Peanutbutter Day

Goodmorning and Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Christmas countdown: 4 days!  Can you believe it??  So many things going on I almost forgot about WIAW!

Today will be filled with laundry, baking and last minute Christmas shopping with my friend Em and her sweet baby plus an equally sweet baby she watches.  (I like babies.)  Then tonight we are celebrating BF's dad's birthday.

Tomorrow is equally crazy...starting off working early at my coffee job, then off to Chemistry class, Body Pump (can't wait!) and then the BF's fam is celebrating Christmas (yep, 3 days early).  Busy busy.

Thankfully I have some free time after work Friday (for more baking) and Saturday morning.  Last year I worked the night before Christmas Eve and stayed up SUPER LATE working on baking projects and was so stressed and sick when I woke up that I missed breakfast with the BF's fam and was in a terrible mood most of Christmas Eve.  Not this year!

Back to WIAW (so I can get on with the busy day).  WIAW = What. I. Ate. Wednesday.

Never heard of WIAW? 
I got the idea from Jenn at Peas and Crayons and link up to her posts each week.


What I do
I (try to) take photographs of each item of food I eat and each item I drink for an entire day (doesn't have to be Wednesday, Wednesday is just the day we share).  Then I try to evaluate how well I ate or what could use some improvements. 

Why would you care what I ate?
I'm not vain enough to think that everyone will care, however this can give you some ideas for food for yourself as well as a way to space meals out.  There is a thought process out there that those who are "skinny" eat very little food or restrict calories or fat or sweets.  I would like for people to see that this does not have to be the case!
Basically, I am at a healthy weight and this is how I eat!
WIAW Thursday, December 15, 2011

Generally I get very specific on the times I eat, more pics, more detail, and an evaluation of my food intake...but busy day calls for short-ish post!
(Previous and better Posts.)

Breakfast: Pumpkin pancakes with melted peanutbutter on top
Snack: Ditto the breakfast but add choc chips!
Lunch: Easy mac with scrambled eggs and peppers.  Never had it?  Not mom used to make it for us with left over mac n cheese.  I should have left out the peppers though since I was going to Body tummy was a little funny the whole class.
Post-Body Pump: Half scoop of protein powder with soy milk.
Dinner-ish: Multi-grain cheerios with a scoop of peanutbutter (and mashed around) plus some mini choc chips and string cheese.  With bedtime tea of course. :-)

As you can was a peanutbutter (and chocolate) kind of day!

Have you checked out my holiday link-up??  I'm super excited for it!!  You can link as many recipes and/or decor ideas as you'd like and check out other ideas.  Christmas is soooooon!!

See you at the link-up party!

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

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