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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{WIAW #8} Sick Day

Hello everyone,

Today I called in sick.

And by that I mean that I sent my teacher an e-mail saying I wouldn't make it to class today.  For the first day of my second quarter of Chemistry.   Does this make me a terrible person?  I really was feeling sick this morning...

To prove it, I can tell you it took me two hours to eat my breakfast due to a headache and a not-so-hungry tummy.  Seriously, I am always hungry for breakfast.

Hooray for Christmas decor!

But it was nice to stay in all day.  The BF came over because he had the day off too.  No, he doesn't have an easy job where he just gets a random day off.  He was informed Monday that he would be going out of town and working Tuesday night from 11pm to Wednesday morning at 7am and the same thing for Wednesday night.  Nice, right? <-- {Sarcasm alert!}

I watched about five hours of the Food Network today.  I just can't get enough of it lately.  What is that show with the guy with the glasses who weighs everything in ounces and shows the science behind baking?  I was so intrigued but I just can't remember the name of it!  And he has some books out that I'd like to check out!

Okay today isn't the only day I hung out in my pj's all day ;-)
But I realized that tomorrow is Wednesday and that means its WIAW time.   (What. I. Ate.  Wednesday.)  This is a time where I try to take pictures of what I ate all day and also try to evaluate what fuel I put into my body.  It doesn't have to be food eaten on a Wednesday and it's not only food, but drinks too!

WIAW was inspired by Jenn at Peas and Crayons and she has a link-up each week!

What I ate Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Breakfast {9am-11am}: The usual peanutbutter and jelly toast.  Today I chose crunchy Jif peanutbutter on some oatmeal bread (yum).  I also had a cup of Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla brewed coffee with some dessert-like creamer and splenda.  Plus my morning H2O!  {Had to show another picture because hello good lighting and pretty colors!}

Lunch {1:30 pm}:  Chicken patty, spinach and jaljack cheese on whole wheat sandwich thins with carrot chips, diet dew, water, oh-and a side of wing sauce for more of a kick!

Dessert {with meal}: Candy Bar Cookie dough on a spoon!

Snackaroo {4:30 pm}: I was baking my delish Candy Bar Cookies {recipe to come!} and had another "test" of the dough when I realized I probably should eat something of more substance.  I thought cottage cheese sounded good...add some wing sauce and whole wheat scoop chips and voila.  Snack time!  Had this with more diet dew.

Cookie taste-test {5:30pm}

Yep, holiday spirit is right ;-)

I also gave some taste-tests to the BF and Daddio who were hard at work putting together a new Treadclimber!

This thing

I am very interested to see how I like this...I am pretty skeptical.  The skepticism is possibly because I'd rather have a treadmill to run and/or an elliptical but the Daddio is super excited and it will be nice to have a piece of cardio equipment at the casa.

Dinner {7:30}: Turkey Loaf with taters and broccoli with cheese, and some sparkling cranberry juice.

Bedtime Snackaroo {10 pm}: I know I should be getting to bed soon...but I just can't help but want more cookies!  I decided to try to make it a semi-healthy snack by adding a banana to the mix and some bedtime green tea plus water.  I'm not hungry two hours later so it was a success. ;-)

I even got more creative by skewering some of the cookie with bananas.  Seriously those cookies turned out really well!  Stay tuned for the recipe! :-)

So, if you did the math, you can guess it's around midnight now so I should be getting to bed to work at my coffee job in the morning.

I'm excited because tomorrow (Wednesday) I might be learning how to make cake pops for the first time.  I was trying to stay away from them because, well they just seem really trendy and somehow too sweet even for my taste (the frosting AND almond bark) but I think it will be fun to try!

I am also playing with the idea of having a holiday recipe swap on the blog.  What do we think?  Good idea??  Or am I being a hypocrite because holiday recipe swaps are trendy? ;-)

Have a wonderful mid-week day everyone!

*~Amanda aka Semi-Health Nut~*

What do you think of the Treadclimber?

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